Large Fireworks In Beirut Trigger PTSD Across The City

We Are Lebanon

Loud blasts were heard across Beirut on Great Saturday on the eve of Orthodox Easter after the Holy Fire arrived in Lebanon. Residents shook in absolute terror as a wave of PTSD crashed over the city from the triggering sounds.

The sounds were just fireworks people were assured. But there was nothing reassuring about their pounding heartbeats, chest pain, and the lump in their throats.

Fireworks, like thunderstorms, the sound of glass breaking, or other loud noises, are no longer what they are for the people of Beirut. They now trigger flashbacks of the worst explosion in Lebanon’s history.

It has been almost 9 months since the nightmarish Beirut Explosion, dubbed one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions that ever occurred. But the people of Beirut cannot rest.

Sounds meant for celebrations are now tied to justified fears. The Beirut Explosion took much more than the lives it cut short and the homes and properties it destroyed. It took people’s joy, peace of mind, mental stability, and ability to move on.

Yet, it’s a clear reminder that the government has done nothing to mend the torn hearts and homes of its people after the monstrous explosion which it could have prevented.

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