The first ever 100% Lebanese animated movie is screening this week

Beirut Cultural Festivals produced the all-new 75-minute animation movie called “Alwan Beirut” (Colors of Beirut).


The movie cost around half a million dollars and is currently showing in Cinema City in Beirut Souks.

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“Alwan Beirut” is an Arabic kids animation movie with an aim to increase children’s awareness and develop their imagination.


The movie is about Meem (a glass jar!), an adorable character who sets on a journey around Lebanon for the purpose of bringing colors back to the saddened capital.

His adventure takes him through Lebanon’s major cities where he stumbles upon many surprising characters.

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“Alwan Beirut” is said to be produced locally, including 400 songs – all of which were written and performed by local artists.

“We expect 25,000 attendees at the box office, and we do not expect a return on our investment.” said Ezzat Kraytem, Secretary General of Beirut Cultural Festivals.


The movie stars: Emile Adaimy, Karim Khneisser, Karl Georr, Laura Khabbaz, Maria Hassan, Maya Baraket Adaimy, Nader Khoury, Wassim El Tom.

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It will be in all theaters starting on November 29.


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You can check the film’s trailer: