Meet The First & Only Lebanese All-Female Metal Band In The Middle East

@zikzak_studio | Dominik Probst

In 2015, the first all-women thrash/death metal band, Slave To Sirens, was formed and managed to amaze the world by smashing the stigma and breaking all sorts of rules restricting Middle Eastern women.

The Lebanese band has shaped the role of the region’s women in rock, shattering the barriers of gender-based misconceptions in Lebanon and the region.

Slave To Sirens is formed by a lead guitarist, Shery Bechara; drummer Tatyana Boughaba; bassist Alma Doumani; vocalist Maya Khairallah; and rhythm guitarist Lilas Mayassi.

For the band, Metal is a lifestyle, a genre meant to provide a new experience, a way to reflect on the wild and rebellious spirit they were “born” with.

The five metal fans met during a protest in Beirut, and since then, they are making headlines, rocking the underground scene in Beirut and touring across stages in many countries, like Germany and the U.S.

Although the Metal genre is very much imported, their song lyrics and themes explore the aspects of life in the Middle East and the never-ending conflicts and wars in the region.

The band is also inspired by Greek Mythology – thus comes their name – Slave To Sirens.

In January 2022, the band was featured in a documentary film by award-winning Moroccan-American filmmaker Rita Baghdadi, talking about the “coming-of-age story” of the band.

The documentary reflects on the changing gender norms in Lebanon where more women are choosing careers over marriage. Thus, by having Shery and Lilas get rid of the societal norms and perform on stage.

Lilas Mayassi and Shery Bechara are the two stars of the documentary and they present their confrontation and the trials of living in a deteriorating capital city full of protests and reeled by a crippling economy.

The band managed to release their first album “Terminal leeches” in 2018 and now continue to play out loud with their latest single “Salome'” released in 2022.

And their fame is only just beginning.