The First Lebanese-Made Electric Vehicle Fully Powered By Solar


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Amid Lebanon’s ongoing economic and political turmoil, Hisham Houssamy has emerged as a pioneer by designing and developing the first electric solar-powered car to combat the fuel crisis.

He named it “Lira,” drawing inspiration from the resilience embodied by the Lebanese currency.

Lira is a groundbreaking achievement as it is the first car produced in the Middle East to rely on electric and solar energy.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV, Houssamy shared that the vehicle boasts an impressive range of 200 kilometers and requires just 30 minutes to charge the battery fully. Its power is harnessed through solar panels on the roof.

Houssamy disclosed that he assembled the different components of the car, including its battery – a process that took an entire year.

The vehicle’s debut took place on July 10th in downtown Beirut. He stated, “This prototype car demonstrates our capacity to establish a factory; the only missing element is the necessary funding to realize our vision.”

While the exact launch date of “Lira” in Lebanon remains uncertain, the expected price range spans from $3,500 to $15,000.

Given adequate financial support, this innovative creation could be a pivotal asset for Lebanon’s automotive sector, effectively addressing the prevailing fuel crisis and trade deficit as vehicles make up the 2nd biggest source of imports into Lebanon.

العربية Français

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