Meet The First Lebanese Robot To Take Advertising To A Whole New Level

It is known that traditional advertisings are expensive while they don’t normally interact with the consumers or display ads based on their preferences. So…meet Felix! 

Developed by two passionate robotics engineers, Wassim El Hariri (Founder & CEO of Revotonix) and Abbas Sidawi (Co-founder & CTO), Felix is a totally new and unique methodology that is taking advertising to a whole new level.

Felix, as described by Revotonix, the first mobile robotics company in Lebanon, is a “fully autonomous mobile robot that can navigate around in malls, airports, conferences, banks, hotels, exhibitions… and display ads in a creative and interactive way, while avoiding obstacles and according to international safety standards.”

“Felix’s smart navigation software allows real-time path planning using the environment map directly and without any prerequisites or changes in the infrastructure where it is functioning,” Revotonix explains.

The design of robot Felix is super friendly and suitable for all ages, promising a “great unforgettable experience.”

The smart algorithms used in navigation allow the robot to drive to crowded areas within the environment to reach the highest number of the target audience to show the ads.

All it needs is to design a map that will help it move around in real-time. If a dynamic obstacle appears in front of the robot, its path will instantly readjust.

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Felix stops at a specific distance from the consumer or a potential consumer, and displays ads based on his or her interest. This means that the robot is safe enough to walk around people. Moreover, Felix can determine the gender and age of the person through a camera.

And guess what? It can analyze even your outfit and display ads according to your interest. It can also collect data of the viewership and engagement for each ad…

As per InSystems, “Depending on different parameters like gender or age, “Felix” chooses the most suitable ad, similar to Facebook or Google that feed the readers with tailored contents.”

“To this purpose, the developers use machine learning basics and a kinetic 3D camera. At the end of its working day, “Felix” is able to tell how many people exactly saw the advertisements.”

Felix also provides customer support for users looking for an ATM, vending machines, restaurants, or even elevators. Felix can show them the way! 

Once the battery is low, Felix will automatically charge itself at its charging station and returns to work when fully charged.

Felix users will live an unforgettable experience due to a customized interactive avatar that will react to certain movements. You can rent or buy a Felix robot customize it as per your needs and your customers’ needs. Currently, Revotonix is fulfilling demands from the Arab Gulf.

This is a giant leap for Lebanese technology. Two thumbs up for Felix, Revotonix. and here’s to more and more success!