A First Look Into The Protests in Martyr’s Square After The Blast


The revolution after the explosion is extremely different from the revolution before it. Four days after the deadly explosion, Lebanese people gathered in a massive protest in Martyr’s Square.

Countless people are now homeless after the blast destroyed their homes and took with it all their personal belongings. The only thing people have left is their ability to demand change.

Thousands of protesters made their way to the revolution’s square in Beirut to express rage, disappointment, and call to topple the government.

However, the security authorities are still trying to contain the revolution in any way possible. They are using tear gas, blocking the protester’s path, and even using physical force if they have to.

Despite this, the Lebanese, victims of decades of corruption in the government, continue to revolt.

“Rage against the killer regime.”

However, ISF is teargassing protesters…

“We have no more tears for you to gas.”

They are using force and injuring protesters

“Hang them by the gallows.”

Power to the people!