First Medical Center Just Launched in Lebanon to Provide State-Funded Care

Health minister Jamil Jabbak inaugurated Lebanon’s first ministry-contracted medical lab and radiography center where patients can undergo tests paid for by the state. Named the American Diagnostic Center (ADC), the medical facility is located in the Jnah area of Beirut’s southern suburbs. 



At the opening ceremony, minister Jabak delivered a speech stressing on the need for that kind of specialized centers with the advancement of science in the world. “In the past, doctors would diagnose illnesses with a stethoscope and maybe by requesting a few lab tests or scans. Now the tables have been turned, and laboratories and radiographs are at the forefront of diagnoses,” he said.

Speaking about the importance of the new center, he noted that the American Diagnostic Center (ADC) has all the required specifications and high quality in laboratory diagnosis, as well as in radiographs, and class and radiation therapy. As per the minister, that exceeds what is initially required by the Ministry of Health because of the advanced technology and equipment.


He went on further explaining that the importance of this center lays as well in the location, which is “on the outskirts of the capital, where is the largest population density in Lebanon with more than one million and two hundred thousand citizens.”

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In his words, “The opening of this center is a gift to our people in Beirut’s southern suburbs and Beirut, relieving the burdens of the citizens, especially after the agreement with the center to conduct examinations and X-rays funded by the Ministry of Health.”


From his side, ADC’s Director Dr. Akram Shamas stated that the goal of the center is threefold:

  • Promoting patient care,
  • Introducing better technology than was used previously,
  • Hiring a highly competent and specialized staff

“With the new technology, we will reduce the personal suffering of patients […] and we promise to strive to continue moving forward,” he added.


It is worth mentioning that the American Diagnostic Center (ADC) offers many exclusive services, like examining samples of the spinal cord and joint fluids, and is equipped with a highly sensitive PET/CT scanner that produces detailed images of any part of the body with minimal doses of radioactivity.

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It also includes an up-to-date lab for examinations as well as radiography facilities. Adding to that, patients will be also able to take tests involving blood, urine, and stool to identify disease or infection and receive diagnoses.

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