First National Suicide Prevention Helpline In Lebanon Got Launched!


The first national suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon got launched this September by Embrace.

The latter is an NGO that aims at raising awareness about mental health in Lebanon and in the Middle East. Embrace Lifeline is here to prevent suicide by helping those who are going through a crisis.

In fact, every 2.5 days someone dies of suicide in Lebanon. For that reason, the NGO established a call center that is ready to listen and to help those who have suicidal thoughts. 


Located in Beirut, Embrace Lifeline has 17 volunteers who work in different areas in the NGO. In fact, they underwent a specialized and an intensive 40-hour training which includes active listening and suicide risk assessment. The NGO will start receiving calls in October.


During the first year of its operation, Embrace Lifeline will operate from 12 PM to 2 AM. 

The call center will also be working with the Internal Security Forces and numerous treatment centers in times of crisis. Embrace Lifeline prevents suicide in many ways, such as by providing appropriate care to individuals, organizing awareness campaigns, and collaborating with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

 Every year, Embrace organizes a suicide memorial walk called “Into the Dawn.” It aims at remembering those who have committed suicide and providing support to the people who are surviving a suicide loss. It’s never too late to ask for help!


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