First Opinion Poll on Lebanese Revolution Just Published by Information International

Between November 6 and 7, 2019, Information International conducted a nationwide opinion poll with a sample of 1000 Lebanese individuals, 500 of which participated in the nationwide protests across the past month, and 500 who had not taken part in any protests or peaceful demonstrations during this period.


The opinion poll was aimed at tackling major themes of the revolution. The themes included: who of the government’s officials if any, do they exclude from the “corruption allegations,” what are their thoughts on continuing to demonstrate, and what are their aspirations and thoughts on the new Prime Minister.

The study, now published in two parts online, made interesting findings when it came to demonstrators’ motives for protesting, as well as the opinions of people who chose not to take part.

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51.2% of the surveyed protesters expressed that their main aim was to topple “everyone” without exception, in response to the question “What is your number one reason for protesting?”

On another note, the majority of the sample who did not demonstrate (39.6%) believed the main reason for this revolution taking place is to return “stolen money” by the Lebanese government (only 14% of the demonstrators surveyed set this as a priority).

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The opinion poll further found that, when asked who they exclude from the corruption allegation, the majority of the sample of demonstrators (80.4%) do not exclude any public official from this allegation.

This is contrasted with approximately 65% of the non-demonstrator sample who said they do not exclude anyone.

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When asked whether or not they believe that these protests will remain peaceful, 66% of the demonstrators said they did believe it would remain non-violent, while approximately 63% of non-demonstrators believe this. 

Another interesting finding from this opinion poll is the fact that 70% of the protesters in this sample believe this revolution will be a “long process” while approximately 55% of the sample of non-demonstrators believe it will be long.

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The opinion poll published online, and which also gives insights into opinions across sects, ages, and genders, is one of the first circulating amidst Lebanon’s ongoing revolution.

It is quite interesting to look into, not only for academics, researchers, and activists but for every concerned citizen who wishes to understand a bit of the rationale behind this unpredictable and historical time in our country.

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