First Petroleum Business Network Launches In Lebanon!

Today, the Lebanese Small and Medium Enterprises Conference took place in Beirut. During that event, the Lebanese Petroleum Business Network (


) got launched. This company supports the development of the oil and gas sector in Lebanon which can highly contribute to the country’s economy. In fact, gas fields in the Levant were discovered in 2009. Lebanon has a vast oil resource on its coast. This one-of-a-kind network in Lebanon serves as a platform for oil and gas providers in the country to share their knowledge about the industry. One of the main aims of LPBN is to grow this field in Lebanon and drastically improve the national economy. The President and CEO of LPBN Dr. Elie Daher mentioned in his speech that another goal is to engage talents and experts to increase the investments in this industry. The company finalized a partnership with the Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) which will serve as an exchange platform between the two companies on many levels.

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