First Smart-Waste Container Project Was Just Launched in Lebanon

The Municipality of Mashha-ِAkkar is also moving towards a cleaner and more eco-friendly lifestyle. It has just inaugurated the first smart-waste container in Lebanon, and, worthy as the move is, the ceremony was attended by various officials and representatives. 


Via Annahar

The inauguration ceremony began with the national anthem, then the mayor of Mashha Khalid Abdulqader  Zoughbi spoke to all the attendees explaining about this project.

Mayor Zoughbi stated that the Municipality of Mashha broke the impossible barrier by launching this environment-friendly technology project. This new one comes to complete the project of waste-sorting from the source that the municipality implemented about two years.


Speaking about the importance of this project, he explained that using smart-waste containers prevents emissions and unpleasant odors and reduces the gathering of insects and horrific scenes.

Via Annahar


“The project was implemented using high-quality technology, and the importance of this projects is that it’s locally made by Mashha and cost less than half of the imported technology with the same standards,” he said.


Zoughbi also called on the Minister of Environment to enact a law adopting this technology in all cities and towns because of its positive environmental impact at all levels.

Via Annahar


He pointed out that this project is funded by the municipality and is an initial model that will be distributed to the rest of the town, if the funding is secured, and that they are ready to distribute this technology to help all other cities and towns.


From his side the project Engineer Abdullah Khalid Zoughbi gave an explanation about the idea of the project, stating that it started when the mayor visited Paris and Istanbul and was impressed with the project for its civilizational and environment-friendly features.

He went on adding that when the mayor came back and presented the idea, they decided to work on manufacturing it locally due to the high cost of shipping from abroad to Lebanon.

He also explained that the first smart-waste container project depends on the hydraulic system and is equipped to work on solar energy and intelligent sensors.


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