Lebanese Civil Defense Completed First Stage Of Fire Extinguishment At Beirut Port Silos

On Friday morning, the Lebanese Civil Defense announced the completion of the first stage of the fire extinguishment of the Beirut Port Silos after the eruption of a massive fire.

In the statement, they revealed that, on Thursday, the General Directorate of Civil Defense was instructed by Caretaker Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, to put out the fire in the silos.

Another instruction came to the Civil Defense to coordinate with the Beirut Fire Brigade and the Lebanese Army during the cooling process in order to deal with this type of fire.

The General Directorate stressed as well the importance to explain to the public that the operations were conducted by taking into consideration the safety of the deployed units, on one hand, and avoiding pressure on the damaged silos, on the other hand.

The statement concluded by announcing that the first stage of the extinguishment of the fire was completed after the units reported a decline in the temperature from a few days ago, and they’re waiting for the situation to cool down before moving on to the next stage.

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