Five of the Funniest Lebanese Instagramers!

Lebanon is a country known for its diversity in people, cultures, and religions. However, the one thing I’m sure everyone agrees on is its infectious sense of humor. And, let’s admit it, our sense of humor is kind of particular that most people outside of Lebanon wouldn’t be able to even begin to understand. And when it comes to our instagramers, well, they could be irresistibly hilarious! Let me take you in a short tour through the five funniest of the funniest ones:


#1 Toufiluk

Via Toufiluk

Toufic Braidi, known as Toufiluk, basically makes videos of what HE thinks is funny. He started off as a personal fun page, but due to his high success through his friends, he was encouraged to make it public.


According to Toufic, he wants to incorporate humor while maintaining authenticity. Like most startups, he faced backlash from people with hateful comments, but he managed to make his way through that and stick to what genuinely was making his true followers happy.

His confidence and personal humor make it hard for people to not turn on their post notifications so not to miss any of his regular videos as soon as uploaded! One thing for sure is, don’t EVER throw hate on him, he will come after you!

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#2 Ja3danista

Via Pikdo

Natalie Hojeij, also known as Ja3danista, embodies both humor and free speech.


Her actual aim is to raise awareness through humor in regards to bullying, Lebanese political decisions, or any other controversies made in Lebanon.

She teases Lebanese celebrities and public figures, who are always team players and laugh with her! Ja3danista is the perfect example of why people should read between the lines.

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#3 Adeela

Via Imggra

Adeela is by far one of the most famous parody accounts in both Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East. “She” boasts 1.7 million followers on Instagram.


The beauty of this account is that it isn’t a business account and its sole purpose is to interact with her fanbase through humorous images and memes. She thoroughly makes memes of the Middle Eastern celebrities and public figures.

The person behind the Adeela account is to remain unknown in order to maintain the true author’s privacy. “Her” profile picture is international British singer Adele. In recent interviews, she stated that Adele reminds her of singer Umm Khalthum and her, and that her personality resembles that of the Middle East.

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#4 Blogger Wannabe

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Sara Zeaiter, also known as Blogger Wannabe, is true to her name. Her fan base is large, including the most popular bloggers in the Middle East who follow her.


Her humor through mimicking influencers is always a charm. Not only does she mimic bloggers but also how the stereotype of girls is perceived through videos.

There is something particular about Sara that has made her a follower’s favorite. When she meets her fans, she always treats them like friends rather than fans. With Sara, no one can say that fame makes everybody snobbish. She has proven the saying wrong!

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#5 Sallouminati

@alihsallembedded via  

Ali Salloum, known as Sallouminati, is the youngest comedian on this list. He is American based and incorporates how the people abroad perceive Lebanese people.


Probably his most humorous aspect is due to his mixing and mingling the Lebanese humor with the American, which makes it understandable only between the Lebanese.

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No one can say we Lebanese aren’t survivors. Our particular –Made in Lebanon- sense of humor denotes it, for the fun we most enjoy is in joking at our own flaws and problems. Two thumbs up!

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