Flash The Rescue Dog In Beirut Just Got Injured During Mission


During Saturday’s rescue efforts, Flash, the rescue dog that arrived with the specialized Chilean rescue team, sadly got injured.

Hope was restored to a hurting city after Flash discovered the faint signs of life buried somewhere beneath rubble in Beirut’s Gemmayze district. 

After the explosion, more and more victims were being heartbreakingly found dead, one after the other. But now, there’s a 1% chance of rescuing a possible survivor.

Because of the 5-year-old well-trained border collie Flash, rescue workers began a mission to uncover the person (or people). It is now the third day since excavations commenced.

Unfortunately, Lebanon’s most beloved four-legged hero was injured on the site on Saturday afternoon and was taken to a vet in Beirut for treatment.

She won’t be able to resume her mission for now until she’s fully recovered. At the announcement, people went expressing their sadness and compassion on Tweeter, wishing her a full recovery.

It is a fact: Despite all these desolations and griefs, the Lebanese have simply fallen in love with Flash!

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