First Flight From Armenia Just Landed In Beirut

Armenia Aircompany’s first flight just landed at Beirut’s Rafic Hariri International Airport yesterday. This will be the first of a weekly flight service between Yerevan and Beirut provided by the new airline. The Tourism Minister

Avedis Guidanian

and the Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon, Samvel Mkrtchian, received the Armenian delegation at the airport when they landed. The Daily Star reported the Minister of Tourism saying that “Today is a very important day” and that the “Armenian Aircompany landed its first flight in Beirut today, and as of today will be providing 89 flights annually.” The number of flights will increase during the summer to accommodate the increasing demand. Armenia Aircompany is a new private airline that was launched in 2016. They only offer flights to Russia, Greece, Iran, Georgia and now Lebanon. The Minister of Tourism said that this development was very important for the continued improving relations between Lebanon and Armenia. As well as for Lebanon’s large Armenian population that is “active and invested in Lebanon.” The Minister, who is Armenian-Lebanese, was recently at the forefront for a controversey. During a talk show, when asked During a talk show, when asked to choose between Lebanon and Armenia, he chose Armenia. The host commended him on choosing his mother country. However, there was a serious backlash as many demanded his resignation. He also said he wanted nothing to do with Turks and didn’t want them coming to Lebanon. This is a popular sentiment among Armenians due to Turkey’s refusal to admit to the genocide of Armenians by the Ottomans. He later made a statement saying that he loves Lebanon and won’t be resigning.