Massive floods led to severe damage in Ras Baalbek

Heavy rain resulted in torrential floods in Ras Baalbek, according to a


. The thunderstorm was unexpected since we’re in June. The floods caused enormous damage in the region and overtook roads and alleyways. Many videos that highlight the gravity of the situation were shared on social media. The Red Cross and the Civil Defense cleaned the roads, the buildings and the streets of the mud. The village’s electricity grid was damaged, but a team repaired it. The flood also knocked down electricity polls and destroyed shops, fields, and crops. A

woman named Shahira Blaais died

from drowning after heavy rains flooded her home. A supermarket owner named Elias Nasrallah lost all his merchandise because of the floods. He is not the only person that was economically affected. This certainly wouldn’t have happened if we had a good infrastructure.

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