15 Flower Shops In Lebanon If You’re Looking To Brighten Someone’s Day

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Flowers, although mostly remembered on occasions, have a magical effect on humans and their surroundings. Beautiful yet subtle, they emanate soothing vibes and brighten the mood.

They do also more than that, according to studies by Horticultural scientists. The proximity of flowers to a person, whether ill or healthy, could lower high blood pressure, “reduce feelings of pain and anxiety, and help with fatigue.”

In any case, one can never go wrong with a gift of flowers, whether to someone else or to oneself.

So here are some good flower shops for when you are looking to make your day or someone’s day brighter.

Le Mikado Flowershop – Ashrafieh

Le Mikado has been a family-owned flower shop in Ashrafieh since 1950. You can customize your own bouquet with the diversity of flowers provided. They also deliver across Lebanon.

For more information, contact: 01 327 529

Fleurs St. Charbel – Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh

Fleurs St. Charbel specializes in flower decorations for all events. The shop also provides different beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

For more information contact: 70 221 130

Wouroud Flower Shop – Jounieh

This flower shop in Jounieh is known for its one-of-a-kind flowers and bouquet arrangements for all occasions.

For more information, contact: 03 466 876

Azhar Lara – Jnah

Azhar Lara is located in Jnah, Beirut offering different styles of plants and flowers for decorating any place or event.

For more information, contact: 70 740 771

Fleurs De La Sagesse – Jdeideh

Fleurs de la Sagesse is well known in Jdeideh for its creativity and one-of-a-kind arrangements and bouquets for all occasions.

For more information, contact: 01 888 257

Flower Zone Boutique – Fanar

Flower Zone Boutique, Fanar provides decorations for all events as well as flowers of different colors, shapes, and forms.

For more information contact: 01 883 140

Tulipia – Zahle

This flower shop is located in the heart of Zahle, and it provides unique floral designs for all occasions.

For more information, contact: 03 622 289

Jaber Flowers – Beirut

Jaber Flowers Shop in Jnah, Beirut offers a variety of services such as floral contracts, plant maintenance, design, and landscape for different settings and events.

There are three branches: The main one is in Jnah near Coral Beach, another in Jnah facing Al Hokoma Hospital, and a third in Tayyouneh.

For more information, contact: 03 736 618

Zanbak Flowers – Zalka

Zanbak Flowers is located in Zalka and it specializes in colorful bouquets and flower arrangements. It also offers to decorate events in diverse creative ways.

For more information, contact: 71 155 050

Caroline Flowers – Jal El Dib

Caroline Flowers is a flower designer shop providing services for you to customize your own bouquet and other decoration ideas. The flower shop is located in Jal el Dib

For more information, contact: 70 963 833

Malizia Flowers – Tyre

Malizia Flower Shop stands out among others with its vast collection of beautiful roses and all kinds of flowers.

For more information, contact: 03 293 146

Alicia Flowers – Batroun

In Batroun lies a flower shop like no other with its creative bouquet and flower arrangements along with unique services for events.

For more information, contact: 03 723 534

Paradise Flowers – Tripoli

Paradise Flowers offers flower decoration services for occasions and events, including weddings.

For more information, contact: 03 704 579

Safadieh Flowers – Sidon

Located in the bustling city of Sidon, Safadiye Flowers shop arranges artificial and real flowers and plants into exquisite bouquets.

For more information, contact: 70 116 179

La Rose – Nabtieh

La Rose florist specializes in amazing flower decorations for all kinds of events. The flower shop is known for its unique arrangements and designs.

For more information, contact: 70 623 839

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