People Are Having Food Delivered To Their Cars In Gas Station Queues In Lebanon

AsumeTech | @the961

The long wait in queues at gas stations has become the new normal in Lebanon. Coping with harsh situations for the Lebanese means dosing their resilience with humor. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

In any case, these two known Lebanese features have been inseparable buddies. Rare is to notice one without the other.

Hence, the fuel crisis hasn’t only brought clashes at gas stations but also many humorous scenes.

The latest is the Lebanese people deciding to make do of their long hours in queues to have their meals, freshly delivered to them, right to their cars.

While there is humor in that situation, these long waiting hours to simply refuel their cars to go to work or do their daily essential trips are highly stressful and have been difficult to bear.

People are trying to cope as they wait not only in queues for gas but for the ruling body to decide to tackle the many issues crippling the country.

The fuel crisis has been brutal, especially these past days with hospitals hanging on by a thread.

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