Lebanese People Just Launched A Food Drive For Diabetics In Need

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Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects many people in Lebanon. Around 529,900 adults in Lebanon have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

People with diabetes have to follow a certain diet because their lives literally depend on it. Eating healthy helps control diabetes and reduces the burden on families, and treatment is costly.

In light of the difficult economic conditions in Lebanon, a non-profit called NewsGreen is trying to make living with the condition more bearable on over a dozen Lebanese diabetics and their families.

NewsGreen is an environment and health collective that’s currently collecting food items that are more suitable and safer for people suffering from diabetes. 

“We have launched the food drive “Together Against Diabetes” to support 14 families in need who are suffering from diabetes,” Charbel Torbey, the manager and organizer of the initiative, told The961.

“We will provide them with boxes filled with products they can use safely despite their condition,” he explained.

Their food items include green peas, mushrooms, rice, flour, salt, powder milk, sunflower oil, white beans, red beans, white burghul, lentils, chickpeas, tea, tahini, and cheese.

To help the families further, there are also non-food items that include laundry detergents, dish soap, antiseptic, bleach, tissue paper, toilet rolls, liquid soap, toothpaste, and shampoo.

“The number of people with diabetes in Lebanon is increasing significantly, it increases the hospital bill and the economic burden on families,” he explained.

With the economic crash in Lebanon, the price of items people with diabetes can eat is increasing. They can certainly use all the help they can get.

For more about this humanitarian endeavor and how you can help, visit Together Against Diabetes. The platform makes it very easy for every person of goodwill to fill a box online by selecting products, starting with 1,000 LL.

Another option the platform offers is to donate a certain amount of money to help the organization fill a box (or two).

Needless to say that, in today’s Lebanon, people are counting on each other to make it through this highly critical phase.

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