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10+ Shops Where You Can Eat Authentic French Pastry in Lebanon

Bonjour! Bonsoir! Take a tour of these pastry shops!

I think most of my articles lately consist of places to find good food, which kinda worries me about my health, but how can we not talk food and foodies when this is an area we Lebanese excell in?  Even the French cuisine is no stranger to us and our chefs. We love it, we cook it, we bake it, we enjoy it, and we ask for more! No wonder we have so many French restaurants and patisseries in Lebanon. And here is my selection of shops that offer delicious French pastries: 

#1 Pâte à Choux (Sodeco, Verdun, Hazmieh)

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My best friend came to my house one day with a box of sweets from Pâte à Choux and, to be honest, she did me a favor that I won’t forget. The desserts from this shop are mouthwatering. Are we in France? Are we in Lebanon? Doesn’t really matter when you have desserts like this. Try their mille-feuille, you won’t regret it!

#2 Gustav (Hamra)

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If I recall correctly, I believe Gustav opened my eyes to the world of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. Other than that, their cake balls keep bringing in everyone from near and far!

#3 La Goulee (Zalka, Achrafieh, Hamra)

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It’s French, and it’s in the name.  La Goulee's chef believes that baking is an art of marrying flavors, textures, colors, and aesthetic, producing delicious cakes, sweet snacks, and desserts you will be happy to try at least once.

#4 Des Choux Et Des Idees (Achrafieh)

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Most people don’t usually jump at the thought of banana desserts. I myself can relate. However, my obsession with their Bahamas cake takes new heights. Chef Samer Kobeissey takes French pastries to another level of delight. If you have missed this one, it's time to give it a shot!

#5 Oslo (Gemayyze)

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Oslo has my heart with their delicious ice cream and angel cake that will take you straight to French pastry heaven. I can guarantee you definitely won’t want to leave.

#6  OH! Bakehouse (Monot Street)

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Who says you can’t mix healthy with tasty? OH! Bakehouse manages to do just that with their lactose-free and gluten-free cakes. Thought-provoking? Maybe, but I promise you that you won’t even know the difference in taste between their pastries and the usual ones out there made with gluten and milk.

#7 NEO Gourmet (Achrafieh)

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Let me make it clearer. I said French desserts were my favorite, I didn’t specify which ones were. My favorite is the macaroons and I’m in love with the ones of NEO Gourmet! They actually have one of the best I’ve ever tasted. 

#8 EMOTIONS Artisan Patissier & Glacier (Achrafieh)

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This place literally plays with MY emotions. If that was their aim, well... they have succeeded! But for real, how can I resist? Just try their Tarte aux Abricots and I can guarantee you’ll feel the same way. They do offer also ice-cream and Lebanese pastries, by the way.

#9 Cakes & Cookies (Achrafieh)

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Cakes and Cookies is the best place to get all your favorite cakes customized in any way you want. They cater to all events and styles that could come to mind.

#10 Ka'Kaw (Tariq El Jdideh)

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Ka'kaw is a bright white bakery that shines to all people passing by.  From French pastries to ice-cream, chocolate and more, you'll love its variety of confections. By the way, try their eclairs and macaroons; they are to die for!

#11 CANNELLE (Tabaris and Verdun)

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Last but not least, Cannelle Beirut! A refined patisserie that also makes special chocolate and ice-cream, and sinfully delicious and very Frenchy cakes. This one is also a not-to-miss!

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