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A Cat Cafe Has Officially Opened in Beirut!

This is NOT a drill.

Disclaimer: This article is loaded with cat puns. Proceed at your own risk.

We previously wrote about the announcement of a cat cafe project in Beirut. The opening was slated for the end of 2017 by the latest. However, several challenges and obstacles put a damper on the plans and pushed back the opening indefinitely.

We are here to tell you, all you cat lovers, the wait is finally over!

We are not kitten around. There is a feline love-fest happening in the heart of Beirut. Last night, Beirut's fur-st cat cafe officially announced its opening via a Facebook post. And people are losing it! 

Ever since the announcement of the project two years ago, the animal-loving community in Lebanon has been waiting eagerly for the hub to open its doors.

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'The Beirut Cat Cafe will be opening soon. Who wants me to take them on a date?'

With the announcement coming just a few hours (Saturday night), Lebanese people took to Twitter to express their joy and excitement.

Cat Cafes have been around for over two decades now, popping up more frequently in recent years. The paw-some concept can be found everywhere from Tokyo to Toronto and Montreal, but the concept is new to Beirut.

The interior design revolves around cats and coffee... The 'purr-fect' combination for a lazy and happy Sunday afternoon.

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The managers of the cafe have been working closely with Beirut municipality to ensure that the cafe is up to all health codes and cleanliness standards.

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All the cats are provided by BETA and Animals Lebanon. As such, they will be all spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Heads up, these adorable furballs are up for adoption!

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The project was part of a crowdfunded initiative to improve the lives of animals and decrease their trade in the country. With over two hundred groups and communities on different social media platforms, the Lebanese society of animal-lovers is an active, widespread one.

These little fur angels have been through a lot and could use a friendly pat. So head down to Mar Mikhael for some coffee and a chance to find your furry companion. Nose boops encouraged.

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