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10+ specialties you must try in Saida!

Saida, or Sidon, is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon. In fact, it is one of the 

Phoenician cities and towns

 that have been continuously inhabited ever since they have been established in the ancient times! Saida is famous for its unique street 


 culture. If you want to satisfy your cravings, you know where to go!

#1 Halewet El Rez

#2 Fatteh and hummus

#3 Knefe

#4 Lemonade

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#5 Mafrouket festou'

#6 Malban

#7 Mfat'a

#8 Mjamar

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#9 Sahlab

#10 Sanioura

#11 3waymet

#12 Seafood

#13 Tamer hindi, jallab, and kharoub

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#14 Kaak

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