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Top 10 Sushi Restaurants You Must Try at Least Once in Lebanon

When in doubt, Sushi it out! And here is our pick from the best Sushi places in the country!

A lot of times I’m asked what’s my favorite food, as basic as it actually sounds, it is and will forever be sushi. Let's just be real here, I know that I’m not alone. Sushi differentiates everywhere, by freshness, fusion, size, and combination. And when it comes to that particular foreign cuisine, Lebanon does cater as well to everyone’s requests and does it at a top-notch level. So, what would be the best in the country as per my experience? Here is my pick from the best Sushi places in the country! 

#1 Kampai (Downtown)

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A crowd favorites, this restaurant offers basic sushi, sticking to authenticity. Its Zen décor is relaxing, which allows its guests to indulge peacefully in the perfection of their sushi. The ambiance is ideal for any time of the day, whether dinner with friends or a quick lunch break.

#2 Ginger & Co. (Hazmieh and Jal El Dib)

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Your friendly neighborhood sushi restaurant, Giger & Co. is great for a weekday sushi craving. Its casual seating and friendly ambiance are a pleasant way to chill out after work and enjoy some good (affordable) sushi!

#3 Steak Bar Sushi (Naqqache)

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It's 2019, and everyone is always opting for an Instagram picture. This restaurant is an excellent place for your Instagram needs. The show, presentation, food, décor, and menu are so eye-catching that you can't miss taking pictures! The food, specializing in steaks and sushi, is a whole different level. The sushi is its own concept and each sushi set is made differently from the other.  If you’re looking for a special experience, this is the place to go.

#4 Clap (Downtown)

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Clap is the newest restaurant in town. Its summer edition is based on a rood overlooking Beirut skyline. Classy and fancy, and also hard-to-reserve, this sushi restaurant is the place to enjoy fresh fish while gulping fruity drinks and enjoying the summer breeze.

#5 Cozmo Café (Zaytouna Bay)

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Cozmo café, located in Zaytouna Bay, offers a different experience for sushi lovers to spend a Sunday with the family. The open sushi bar is sure to cater to all tastes and preferences when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Enjoying its variety while having the sea view in front of you doesn’t seem like a pretty bad way to spend you Sunday.

#6 Sushi Ko (Multiple Locations)

Basically, the Starbucks of sushi with numerous locations around the world and also across Lebanon. You can find a Sushi Ko anywhere, whether a restaurant or food counter in a mall. It's everyone’s go-to, and it's super convenient. Their sushi is affordable, and always fresh in every place you find them at.

#7 Ni Cafe (ABC Shopping Malls)

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Ni, located in ABC Shopping Center, is a new favorite casual hotspot in Beirut. Shoppers regularly stop there for a quick bite mid-shopping. Its sushi feels light whilst taking a break from a busy mall day.

#8 Ichiban (Multiple Locations)

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Ichiban is a cool sushi restaurant chain. However, what differentiates it from others, is its sushi burrito! The burrito is absolutely delicious! The sushi burrito allows you to change your portrayal of a meal that is considered upper-class to a very casual one!

#9 Scoozi (Multiple Locations)

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This wouldn’t be a Lebanon sushi restaurants' list without Scoozi! The OG of sushi restaurants in town, it has been sort of a place where I grew up around. In addition to its sushi's menu, it offers Italian food.

#10 Sô (Achrafieh)

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Sô sushi is a cool feel. It has both an indoor seating and an outdoor terrace that is laid back and calming, and a smoking area. Their sushi has a cool twist. Be sure to try their truffle sushi!

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