Terrifying Footage Showing A Fuel Truck Exploding In Lebanon

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Terrifying footage of a truck loaded with gas cylinders exploded on the Zouk highway in Kaslik, north of Beirut, after it caught fire.

The explosion was such that it thundered in the area all the way to Zouk Mosbeh, causing panic among the residents.

The driver made it out safely, as he instantly fled the scene the moment the truck caught fire.

The civil defense team managed to bring the fire under control. There are reports of the fire reaching a nearby apartment, and damaging electrical cables, which caused a power outage.

Lebanon’s Civil Defense issued a statement, communicating the following:

“At 12:45 p.m. on 11/02/2022, members of the Civil Defense extinguished a fire inside a pickup loaded with a tank containing gas, causing the fire to spread to the facades and balconies of a three-tiered building on the site, as well as a 4×4 vehicle on the Zouk Mikael highway.”

They also reported that there were no casualties and the damage was only limited to material.

The explosion affected the traffic on both lanes of the highway for a while.

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Terrifying Footage Showing A Fuel Truck Exploding In Lebanon

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