Lebanese Just Established 5 Football Academies Across The United States

This Football Agency Run By Lebanese Manager Just Entered The U.S. Market
Peter Khalife

In a move to expand its network, Lebanese-Swedish football agent and manager Peter Khalife has introduced his youth football agency, Superior Squad Sports Management (SSSM), to the United States market.

Established in 2015 by Khalife, SSSM is one of the largest youth football agencies in the world. The agency has numerous scouts, ambassadors, and agents around the globe, representing young players in top youth leagues.

Its venture into the U.S. not only aims to broaden its area of operation but also to give otherwise unrecognized young football players the opportunity to shine.

“The objective of this move is to make the network much bigger and try to put the spotlight on talents that are not lucky enough or fortunate enough,” Peter Khalife told The961.

Khalife explained that the U.S., with its large population, represents one of the most diverse markets in the world and an exceptional place to discover new talents with various backgrounds.

“People [in the industry] only go there to make money… No, what I did is I set up 5 pathway academies,” he said.

SSSM Founder Peter Khalife, left, established an academy in Texas, among other states, during his recent U.S. tour.
Peter Khalife, left, established an academy in Texas, among other states, during his recent U.S. tour.

A pathway academy is one that purposely has a limited number of players.

“It’s quality over quantity, and all of [the players] have to be elite players, so you cannot have 500 kids in the academy where anybody pays to play, no.”

“It’s going to be 22 players, and they’re not going to pay anything. We’re going to invest in them in the U.S., to grow our network,” he said.

In a tour that lasted 5 weeks, Khalife established 5 new academies in the states of Texas, New York, Florida, Michigan, and Colorado.

He also set up 2 head offices in California and New York for SSSM to represent, mentor, and work with U.S.-based players from abroad.

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