For once, 3 Lebanese officials arrived to parliament in eco-friendly ways!

Positive and notable comments were recorded on the sidelines of the Lebanese parliamentary sessions that were held to discuss the ministerial statement when three Lebanese officials arrived at the parliament in untraditional eco-friendly ways.



Nine months after being voted into the 128-seat Lebanese parliament as one of six female lawmakers, MP Paula Yacoubian arrived at the Nejmeh Square in Beirut on a motorbike to participate in the ministerial statement discussion.



Yacoubian’s move followed the arrival of the Minister of Environment Fadi Griissati in an environmental eco-friendly car which is in line with the addresses he gave when he received the ministry. A move to encourage the use of cars that do not pollute the environment.


Apparently, the officials are competing to show their concern for the environment, in a country suffering from several environmental crises.


Via Lebanon Files

After the move by the Environment Minister Fadi Grizati, the Tashnag party deputy Hagop Terzian surprised the council by coming to the second session to discuss the ministerial statement using a bicycle. Terzian wore a protective helmet on his head and applied the laws and all public safety conditions.


Via Almodon

It was said that Yacoubian’s step was a letter of protest against the security measures in central Beirut in conjunction with the discussion of the ministerial statement.

A number of deputies objected to the strict security measures, and some of them called on Interior Minister Raya Hassan to relieve them.


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