Former Hezbollah Secretary-General Wants Hezbollah To Disarm

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Following the blast that ripped through Beirut, Subhi Al-Tufayli, Hezbollah’s first Secretary-General, made a sermon in which he addressed the Beirut explosion of August 4th, and made some very strong statements.

For reference, he was the first leader of the militant group during the very beginning of its establishment. He is known to criticize the current path the group is taking under the leadership of Hassan Nasrallah.

So much so that in his sermon, he called Hezbollah out for using weapons that “serve an enemy” and said that he should be held responsible for what happened in Beirut.

This is heard loud and clear as a call to disarm the militia, echoing the demands of Lebanese across the country.

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Commenting about President Aoun’s claim that he does not have authority at the Port of Beirut, Al-Tufayli asked, “Who has more power than the President?”

He then posed the same question about the Parliament and the Prime Minister.

The answer for all was, according to him, “Hezbollah’s Secretary-General. He is the one responsible. He is the first one who should be persecuted as a Lebanese, and behind him, [Iran’s supreme leader] Khamenei.”

This weapon is no longer the weapon of resistance! It’s no longer resistance after the year 2000. This weapon serves Israel!

– Subhi Al-Tufayli

This is a very strong claim from the man who was part of the militia’s establishment and knows its mission from the start; hence, his pertinent position in pointing out how far it has drifted from its main purpose.

Al-Tufayli exclaims with a mixture of anger and sadness, “This weapon destroyed Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon! This weapon caused the explosion in Beirut!”

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Former Hezbollah Secretary-General Wants Hezbollah To Disarm

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