Former Lebanese PM Kicked Out of AUB Christmas Concert by the Students

During a Christmas musical concert held at the Assembly Hall in the American University of Beirut, former prime minister Fouad Siniora was forced to leave the hall after heavy chants by AUB students demanding Siniora to leave.


“Out out out! We want Siniora out!” and “thawra! (Revolution)” were the two chants that made the former PM leave the hall under pressure of students who only calmed their chants after he left. The chants broke into cheers of joy and victory amid Siniora leaving.

One of the students even went up to the piano and played the “revolution” anthem in reference to the Lebanese 17 October revolution that is still ongoing with its two months anniversary just around the corner.

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The 17 October revolution is a revolution against corrupt politicians who have been in power for years and have only brought hardships and sufferings to the Lebanese people. It is no surprise that after almost two months, university students could not tolerate the presence of another corrupt politician in the same hall.

Former PM Fouad Siniora has been subjected to governmental theft and state corruption for years and was even questioned in November by a state prosecutor on how $11 billion in state funds was spent while he was in power. The whereabouts of the 11 billion dollars are still unknown.


The annual Christmas special musical concert by the Lebanese Armenian musician Guy Manoukian is a concert that has been awaited by AUB students and attendees outside the campus, and both wanted to watch the concert feeling as patriotic as they can be.

At first, Siniora seemed unbothered by the chants and was seen sitting in his seat in the front row, patiently waiting for the concert to begin. But after constant chants that only got louder by the moment, Siniora was obliged to leave the concert along with his companions.

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