The961 Foundation

Lebanon is going through very tough times and we need to come together as a community in Lebanon and abroad to help those in need!

Many people have lost their jobs with many more taking major hits to their salary. Some have not been even receiving their salaries for months now despite working. As we enter winter, many families are going to struggle to pay for food and heating! As a result of the economic crisis, over 50% of the Lebanese people are expected to fall below the poverty line!

This to no fault of their own. The Lebanese people are the hardest working and most ambitious people. The corrupt system has failed them! Your help is needed!


Every dollar helps. We’ve been able to put a meal together for less than $1!

If you’re in Canada, you can donate via e-transfer to

We are also setting up a volunteer team. Join here.

If you want to organize a fundraiser in your city, email us at!

What’s The961 Foundation?

Many approached us wanting to donate to help the revolution in Lebanon but trust was a big issue. 

As a solution, The961 launched The961 Foundation – a legally registered NGO in Canada to help raise funds and work on the ground in Lebanon. We are not politically-affiliated or backed, just like our news site,

We will incorporate the services of a public accountant to keep track of its finances. All receipts will be collected*(see note at the end), numbers published to donors on a monthly basis. 

We will be recruiting volunteers directly in the streets to help us achieve our mission. If not possible or if more efficient, we will work with other organizations. This is to ensure we can directly account for every dollar. 

The961 Foundation doesn’t have any management fees and no one takes a salary as it is made up entirely of volunteers. However, we estimate around 8-10% will be needed to allocate for inevitable costs such as difference in currency exchange, credit card processing fees (this alone is 3-4%) from donations, bank and transfer fees, maintaining legalities, accounting fees etc.


NGO Legal Info:

  • Name: The961 Foundation
  • Corporation Number: 1171813-4
  • Governing Legislation: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act – 2019-11-06


Food: Delivering food to those most in need in the most efficient way. We are currently able to deliver a meal for less than $1 (around $0.60 USD)

Supplies: Winter is approaching and fuel is needed to warm houses. Many families can no longer afford to warm their houses. We will help families with this. Rough cost: $130 per family per month.

Note: We have found several groups working directly for this. We are pausing this project to evaluate how to best deliver support and evaluate potential groups to work with to be the most efficient.

Live Streams: We want to set up 24/7 live stream broadcasts at the main protest locations to deliver transparency and security. 

Note: Temporarily paused. Some locations no longer have gatherings except for Beirut and Tripoli. The costs are estimated at $500 per month per location. As such, we are pausing this to redirect funds to feeding people. If we’re able to secure locations and find a way to make this project more cost-efficient in terms of equipment and internet, we will resume it.

Documentary: We want to commission a documentary to cover the revolution and immortalize it. We are going along the lines of Winter on Fire which covered the Ukrainian Revolution.

Note: Temporarily paused. Non-priority project and costs around $2,000 a month. Funds will be redirected to feeding people. Will resume if we raise more funds.


Ways to Donate

Fill out the form below:

Canada: You can send an e-transfer directly to the foundation by sending the donation to This is the best way for us as there are no fees and the funds are available immediately.

Wire Transfer: If you’d like to make a donation of $1000 or more via wire transfer, you can email us at for the bank details. Note roughly $50 is taken in fees by the banks.

Receiving updates and financials

To adhere to our policy of transparency and accountability, we publish our finances as well as updates. This is limited to our donors (no minimum) as well as anyone who attended fundraiser events where part or all the proceeds were donated to The961 Foundation. To sign up for these updates, click here and fill out the form.


* Receipts will be collected to the best of our ability. However, due to the nature of many business and cash methods of payments in the country, it isn’t always possible.