Founder Of Lebanon’s Mayyas Group Sends A Strong Message To Lebanese Politicians (Video)


After storming America’s Got Talent – Season 17 with great success and mesmerizing the American audience, Lebanese politicians rushed to congratulate the Mayyas group for their recent win.

Upon winning AGT’s title and taking home the $1 million prize, the Lebanese president Michel Aoun almost instantly awarded the Mayyas the Lebanese Gold Medal Of Merit.

Other politicians also expressed their pride, such as Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, who stated that “once again, the Lebanese creativity is manifested in a wonderful performance by Mayyas in the U.S.”

Adding that he hoped that “success will always accompany it. Congratulations on winning and more brilliance.”

Lebanon’s Ex-PM, Saad Hariri also commented on his Twitter account that the dance group’s members are “the most beautiful people.”

However, those comments did not sit right with many Lebanese people, including the founder and choreographer of the Mayyas dance troupe, Nadim Cherfan.

Upon arriving in Lebanon on Friday evening, a large crowd of family, friends, and TV/news stations rushed to get an interview with the winning team.

During an interview with the Arab news interactive channel Al-Hadath, Cherfan attacked the Lebanese political class and called for a new revolution to overthrow the corrupt.

“For the politician, I want to say that we don’t need you. We, The Mayyas, were able to raise Lebanon’s name abroad without your help. You just have to feed the hungry people and provide Lebanon with electricity,” he commented.

“Lebanon is only 10,452 km2, and you can’t fix it. We, as artists, are doing an artistic revolution,” Cherfan stated.

He also added that the Lebanese people should “reverse the table” on all politicians.

Previously, the Lebanese basketball star Wael Arakji, also criticized PM Najib Mikati’s congratulatory message to the basketball team, stating that the team “does not need his congratulations” as they are trying to “clean the shit he and his fellow politicians put us in.”

As the Lebanese ruling politicians have plunged Lebanon in multiple crises and misery, and continue to fail, the Lebanese teams representing the country in matches and competitions are lifting its name up with prideful determination.

With that, they are sending a strong message to the world and the nation that Lebanon is way more than political conflicts and misery. It’s a country of outstanding beauty and talents, and of strong people eager to prevail.

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