Lebanon Mourns Four Soldiers Who Died Conducting A Raid On A Terrorist Cell

Fathy Al-Masry

Today, Lebanon mourns four soldiers of the Lebanese army who were killed protecting their country from terrorism.

On Sunday night, the army conducted a raid operation in the Minyeh Jabal Al-Baddawi region in North Lebanon on a suspected terrorist cell, headed by Khaled Al-Talawi, connected to the Kaftoun killing of 2 municipal police members and the mayor’s son three weeks ago.

During the raid, Al-Talawi threw a hand grenade and fired at the soldiers, killing three and severely injuring another, who later succumbed to his wounds.

The operation lasted until the early hours of Monday morning until which the army stated it had killed the head of the terrorist group, Al-Talawi, who is allegedly a former ISIS member.

Trigger warning!




The Lebanese Army is currently pursuing other members of the terrorist group.

On Monday afternoon, a massive and emotional funeral procession for the young soldiers who fell in the line of duty: martyrs Nouhad Mustafa, Louay Melhem, Charbel Jbeili, and Anthony Takla.

The procession began in Tripoli and made its way to their hometowns in Akkar.

Unfortunately, heavy funeral gunfire (shot upwards toward the sky) stirred panic among residents of Tripoli. At least one person, from the Abu Samra region, was wounded by stray bullets.

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