FPM MP Ibrahim Kenaan Retained Chairmanship Of The Finance & Budget Committee


One of the most controversial figures in Lebanese politics, Ibrahim Kenaan, was re-elected as chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee.

Kenaan is seen by many Lebanese as one of the politicians responsible for the economic crisis that crippled the Lebanese economy. Besides heading the Finance and Budget Committee for the last four years, Kenaan has been an MP since 2005.

The motives behind many of Kenaan’s policies have been repeatedly questioned. He is accused of defending banks by overturning the Financial Recovery Plan drafted by Hassan Diab’s government. The financial recovery plan stated that banks had to suffer a percentage of the losses due to the financial collapse.

He also overturned the forensic audit, citing that it violated the Bank Secrecy Law. Therefore, denying the examination of banks’ financial records.

With Kenaan leading one of the most important committees in the Lebanese parliament for another four years, many doubt any reforms will see the light.

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