FPM Supporters Are Doxing The Woman Who Was Attacked By Gebran Bassil’s Bodyguards

Yasmine Masri | The Arab Weekly

Yasmine Masri was out with her friend when she saw Gebran Bassil making a public appearance to leisurely enjoy lunch out while the country is on fire.

The next thing she knew, the words “Tfeh 3alek” burst out of her mouth, resulting in Bassil‘s bodyguards attacking her for confronting their Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) leader.

Notably, he is not the first politician to get targeted by the people of the Revolution for showing their faces in public.

However, following the assault, Bassil issued a statement through his media office stating that it was time insults against him were answered. By saying this, he gave his supporters the green light to attack anyone who speaks up against him.

And some were just too quick to respond. FPM supporters are now doxing Masri and sharing her personal information such as her phone number and links to her social media accounts.

Since the attack, Masri told The961 she has been receiving hate messages from ‘the few remaining Aounists.’

“Whatever they will do, my conscience is clear. The consequences of harmful acts will have a huge impact on the people if the Aounists choose to take this road again,” she told us.

“So whatever happens, the country will benefit at the end. There will be more protests and
more people hating them. I’m not worried because, at the end of the day, it will only create a polemic against them, and it might even have an international reaction.”

Despite being dubbed the most hated politician in Lebanon, Bassil still has a number of people who follow him blindly. This did not come as a shock to Masri.

“The few people who showed support for him had the IQ of a 10-year-old. I spoke to them and I heard their sayings. None of them had a normal intellectual level. I am talking about those who’d kill for him and who told me literally ‘He’s our God’,” she informed us.

“But with the type of people who don’t contradict him politically and stay silent on corruption, it all comes down to one thing: Business. When there’s money, many will look the other way. And that’s sad.”

FPM partisans have a reputation of doxing those who criticize or confront Bassil and their founder President Michel Aoun, which has been happening all too often since the onset of the Lebanese Revolution and more so after the Beirut Blast and as the country continues its dramatic collapse.

They have targetted people with hate messages and in some cases even cost people their jobs, as they did with Ammounz, and/or getting them arrested for “defamation.”

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