FPM’s Diplomatic Relations Officer Just Resigned


Michel De Chadarevian, Free Patriotic Movement’s diplomatic relations officer, just resigned from his position, as he announced in a statement that his job of “explaining and defending the FPM’s principles” has become impossible.

Chadarevian also told local media reporters that his resignation is in protest against all the party’s policies, mentioning that there are “contradictions” within the Aounist formation.

In a brief statement, the general secretariat of the FPM party announced that the resignation of Michel De Chadarevian has been accepted.

It claims it was part of “the framework of restructuring the current officials working with the FPM as well as re-distributing responsibilities”.

From Chadarevian’s perspective, he explained that among the responsibilities entrusted to him, he had to get in touch with diplomatic officials in Lebanon in order to “explain and defend the principles and objectives of the FPM party”. 

“Due to contradictions and personal calculations, my job has become impossible to do,” the now-former FPM diplomatic relations officer said. “The party was acting in contrary to all the principles established by its founder, the current head of state Michel Aoun.”

Chadarevian added that all members of the diplomatic corps in Lebanon constantly criticize the positions of the FPM party, which had made his work “absurd”. 

Michel De Chadarevian is one of the officials who, within the FPM party, stand against certain positions taken by the party leader, Gebran Bassil. 

Considering that he has been alongside Michel Aoun since 1990, his resignation cannot be understood as a simple departure of a prominent member of the party.

The resignation is a revealing indication of the crumbling fabric of the FPM party that has lost its momentum ever since the October 17th revolution, which brought to light the corrupt political base of Lebanon.

It went further losing its credibility with the Beirut explosion that burst into the open years of deeply entrenched corruption and wide ill-governance by those in charge. That includes the president who has admitted that he knew about the ammonium nitrate in the port.

A knowledge that could have prevented the massive catastrophe if acted upon at once.

FPM officials are finally slamming the door on the party, letting the father and son-in-law sort themselves out of the mess they created.

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FPM’s Diplomatic Relations Officer Just Resigned

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