France Just Charged Kheireddine For Alleged Links To Salameh Laundering Investigation

Former Lebanese minister and Al Mawarid Bank chairman, Marwan Kheireddine, faces charges in France, resulting in a travel ban but no detention.

He’s accused of covering up money laundering crimes involving the Salameh brothers and Marianne Hoayek.

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Raja Salameh‘s accounts at Al-Mawarid Bank, which grew from $15 million in 1993 to $150 million in 2019, are central to the questioning.

Stranded in Paris, Kheireddine may have no choice but to cooperate with French judiciary, according to the daily.

Al-Akhbar’s informed French sources indicated that if Kheireddine offers “names and details” about the suspects, judicial measures against him could be eased.

Otherwise, the potential consequences include a 10-year prison sentence, freezing of private assets, and seizure of properties.

The newspaper also revealed that unnamed sources suggest Kheireddine’s charges warrant a bank board meeting to discuss his dismissal.

Other Lebanese bankers are reportedly gripped by panic as Kheireddine is accused of providing fake documents to the Salameh brothers concerning Raja Salameh’s Al Mawarid Bank accounts.