France Is Holding A Conference To Get Support For The Lebanese Army

Asharq Al-Awsat

France has set the date for a virtual conference aimed at rounding up financial assistance for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

This comes after LAF Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun visited Paris last month and undertook several meetings to campaign for support for the army.

In these meetings that included French President Emmanuel Macron, Gen. Aoun warned that the situation in Lebanon was “untenable” and that the country was experiencing a “great crisis” that is heading for the worst.

France has been offering to assist Lebanon to come out of its crises on the condition that Lebanon could form a new government. However, Lebanese politicians haven’t been able to agree on a Cabinet formation leaving the country without a fully functioning government for 10 months now.

In efforts to aid Lebanon where it can, France scheduled a virtual meeting of countries on June 17th to keep the Lebanese Army from collapsing.

Announcing the meeting, France‘s armed forces ministry said, “The objective is to bring attention to the situation of the LAF, whose members are faced with deteriorating living conditions and who may no longer be able to fully implement their missions, which are essential to the stability of the country.”

France is also helping provide 4 out of 7 new offshore patrol vessels set to be delivered to the Lebanese Navy.

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