France Stresses Lebanese Leaders To Stop Paralyzing The Govt Formation


has called again on Lebanese leaders to form a government quickly and “choose advancement rather than paralysis and chaos,” reported local media.

’s plea comes after President Aoun, who had imposed the date for parliamentary consultations to force the officials to finally designate a new prime minister, as he said, suddenly postponed the session.

Aoun had in fact said that if a government is not formed quickly “we will go to hell.” And yet he went and postponed the session, reportedly because , the head of the FPM and his son-in-law, had requested it in order to block Saad Hariri from being designated.

The FPM council did declare that they don’t intend to designate Hariri who, from his side, doesn’t intend to withdraw his nomination.

For over two months now, has been in the hands of a caretaker government since ’s government resigned in the wake of the blast. A new premier, Mustapha Adib, was designated but was quick to resign.

Despite the promises that Lebanese leaders made to French President Macron to swiftly see to a new government that will implement the most-needed reforms, their efforts, if any, are leading to nowhere so far.

Macron is reportedly outraged with their lack of seriousness in that regard and he “washed his hands from the Lebanese crisis,” according to a Western diplomatic source cited by The Daily Star.

, considered one of ’s main political partners, has emerged as ’s savior after the blast. The European country is offering assistance to help gain international support that will rescue the country from its multiple crises. Yet, without government and reforms, that won’t be possible.

The IMF and the international community have been clear and firm in that regard. must start implementing reforms in order to receive the needed support.

remains “committed to supporting the hopes expressed by the Lebanese people for reforms and governance,” says the French Foreign Ministry.

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