France Is Working On A Plan To Help Lebanon

France Is Working On A Plan To Help Lebanon
Reuters/Benoit Tessier

For France, Lebanon “is not a lost cause,” and this notion might soon manifest in a comprehensive plan that could help Lebanon out of its intricate disaster.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his intention to provide support in lifting the country out of its crisis, a French diplomat told Al-Arabiya.

The source said that France has been discussing Lebanon’s current state with the United States and other countries, including the Arab Gulf’s states, considering that the Lebanese crisis “concerns everyone in the region and further away from the region.”

The said plan might include opening financial credit lines with Lebanon, providing it with loans to revitalize its economy.

The diplomat pointed out that the Lebanese government “has not yet performed any substantial reform” since it came to power 6 months ago, asserting that “Lebanon is not a lost cause” and that “leaving it means opening its square to others.”

The remarks come as France continues to shed light on Lebanon’s crises.

The European country, like the United States and others, has urged Lebanese authorities to initiate reforms in order to gain the trust of the international community and provide grounds for aid.

This call was reiterated by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian when he met Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Thursday.

So far, his visit has carried the message that the promised aid is ready to reach Lebanon but only after the latter moves forward with the necessary reforms.

Indeed, reforms seem to be Lebanon’s only key to unlocking the vital support of several superpowers through the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has been negotiating with the country for months without yet reaching any palpable signs of agreement.

Notably, with Lebanon’s upcoming school year at risk, the French Embassy in Beirut recently announced a plan that will provide financial support to the students enrolled in over 40 francophone schools across the country.

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