France Will Increase Pressure On Lebanese Officials Who “Abandoned Public Interest”


A task that was deemed of high urgency has spanned out for longer than the country can even afford: forming a rescue government for Lebanon in line with the French initiative.

France, which is at the forefront of efforts to help Lebanon, has long grown tired of Lebanese officials prolonging the government formation process and turning it into a saga of a kind.

Reports that Europe and America are preparing to sanction officials are not unfounded.

In recent statements to Sky News Arabia, the French Foreign Ministry Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed that France “will not hesitate to act against Lebanese officials who have abandoned the public interest for their personal interests.”

Le Drian added that it was in contact with its partners, especially the European Union, to study and develop sanctions.

This accompanies reports that Europe might impose a travel ban on Lebanese politicians, in addition to freezing their foreign assets, in hopes to increase pressure on them to act.

“Help us help you,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian had urged Lebanese officials back in July 2020, a month before the Beirut Explosion. However, the ruling officials have proven to deem Lebanon’s alarming situation of no urgency.

Now, Le Drian is warning that “concrete proposals are being prepared against the same people who have abandoned the common good for their personal interests.”

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