France Just Promised To Do Everything To Help Lebanon In its Crisis

’s financial crisis is most definitely set to be the focus of Prime Minister and its newly formed government.

Newly-appointed Minister of Finance Ghazi Wazni is tasked with the heavy burden he just inherited from the last government.

MP Wazni told The Daily Star on January 23, 2020, that will seek international aid in the form of loans between 4 and 5 billion US dollars (over the next year) in order to take the country out of the financial pit it currently stands in.

With the currently withholding support for ’s new Cabinet because it did not manage to isolate as requested, has publically said it will do “everything” to help resolve ’s “deep crisis.”

The statement made by French President on January 22, 2020, came as a sigh of relief amid ’s new government facing violent protest movements and rejection in the country’s capital. 

In his statement, President Macron said: “We will do everything, during this deep crisis that they are going through, to help … our Lebanese friends,” boldly speaking alongside Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during a visit to Jerusalem.

The comments came as new Prime Minister convened his first cabinet.

Donors hope that this cabinet can lead in the areas of reforms and anti-corruption policies, unlock foreign aid, and stabilize a weakening Lebanese currency.

While pledging support to ’s “Lebanese friends,” Macron also stressed that he would remain “vigilant” regarding any “terrorist activity” from that could threaten either the Lebanese people or its southern neighbor , according to a report by Naharnet.

Lebanon is technically still at war with .

Violence currently still erupts throughout Beirut almost every day, with the general public still dissatisfied and in disbelief of the new Cabinet’s “reformed” image –  and resorting to violence to get their point across.

Lebanon’s revolution has since deviated from its spirited and peaceful nature into violence and rage. Here’s to hoping once more, that this government pleasantly surprises us.

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