France Plans To Send A Special Envoy To Help Gov’t Formation In Lebanon

France Plans To Send A Special Envoy To Help Gov't Formation In Lebanon
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In hopes of breaking the deadlock stalling government formation, France plans to send a special envoy to Lebanon as it crumbles under the weight of financial and political crises.

French President Emmanuel Macron is planning to send the envoy in an attempt to revive the French initiative and boost the formation of a government capable of implementing necessary reforms, an official source told The Daily Star on Wednesday.

Macron will send his special envoy, Patrick Durel, to Lebanon on a mission to revive the initiative that aims to rescue Lebanon from its severe crisis, the official source that is familiar with the Cabinet formation process said.

The revival of the French initiative seemed highly likely following the statement issued on Sunday by the Elysee Palace, saying the situation in Lebanon was among the topics discussed by Macron and U.S. President Joe Biden during their first phone call.

Durel is the French President’s adviser for Middle East and North Africa affairs.

“The French are making preparations for this activity in the wake of the phone conversation between President Macron and President Biden. But the two presidents did not go into details and they left it to their aides to do so,” the source explained.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has been unsuccessful in forming a Cabinet since his appointment in October. The formation process was reportedly affected by the leaked statements by President Michel Aoun, accusing Hariri of lying about it.

Meanwhile, a vast portion of the Lebanese people has been suffering from increasing poverty and unemployment as the crisis continues to tear through their purchasing power and quality of life.

The worsening conditions sparked protests in various Lebanese areas this week that involved violent clashes between security forces and protesters and resulted in injuries on both sides.

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