Frangieh Says Minister Kordahi Offered To Resign But He Won’t Allow It

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Sleiman Frangieh, Marada Party leader, stated after his meeting with Patriarch Al Rahi, that Minister of Information George Kordahi has offered to resign but Frangieh refused.

“We live in a free country and Kordahi gave his opinion before he was appointed as a minister,” said Frangieh.

Frangieh mentioned that he stands with Minister Kordahi in any decision he makes, and he cannot ask him to resign as long as he has not committed any mistake.

“We do not want any problem with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we want to preserve the best historical relations with it, but we also want to preserve people’s dignity,” Frangieh mentioned in his statements.

“We hope to continue the best relations with the Arab countries,” he said, adding that “during the past 15 years, we have not had any position against the Arab and Gulf countries.”

He explained that if the government resigns, they won’t be able to form a government before the end of the presidential term, which is in October 2022.

The statements of the Marada’s leader came after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, have recalled their ambassadors in Lebanon and asked the Lebanese ambassadors in their countries to leave within 48 hours.

The crisis came after the circulation of months-old statements by Kordahi criticizing the war on Yemen – describing it as absurd and that the Houthis have the right to defend themselves.

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