13 Free Activities You Can Do In Lebanon To De-stress

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The holidays are the right time of the year to take a break from your routine and try to make the best of it with your family and friends. It is also the right time to relax by doing de-stressing activities, whether alone or with your family or friends.

Here are some interesting suggestions of what you can do for free to loosen up.

#1 A morning walk in Raouche

Health experts agree that walking is the best exercise one can do. And when it is a leisurely walk in the morning, you can expect great benefits, especially by the sea where the sounds of the waves soothe your tension away and gazing at the sea relaxes your mind.

#2 Take a leisurely hike in nature

There are many mountains and villages in Lebanon that you need to see. Take your friends and enjoy a day hiking in Lebanon’s magnificent mountains.

#3 Have a relaxing picnic

Have fun with your loved ones around a simple picnic surrounded by greenery. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Just take what you need and enjoy the day immersed in the soothing sounds of nature.

#4 Explore your own city

We bet you’ve always wanted to explore all corners of your city but have been postponing it for when you can find the time or peace of mind to do it. Don’t wait for the peace of mind to just come to you, go grab it by exploring your city at a leisurely pace. You’ll be surprised how de-stressing it can be.

#5 Discover the charm of abandoned places

There are many abandoned places you can visit in Lebanon. These have a particular charm that gets you meditating about past time and the lives that once vibrated in them. Grand Sawfar Hotel, Villa Donna Maria Sursock, the Grand Aley Hotel, the abandoned train station in Dahr el Baidar… These are just a few of the many available options.

#6 Take a road trip to a place pending on your bucket list

We all have a city or village on our bucket list that we haven’t gotten to visit yet. Don’t let work and life constraints hold you back. For a day, pretend they don’t exist and get on the road for a rewarding time exploring that particular place.

#7 Make your couch your best friend for a day and binge watch a series

It’s not a bad thing to escape reality for several hours by watching fictional dramas or comedies. These will take the stress away from your mind, and hence relaxes your being. Don’t even think about feeling guilty. You ought to take care of yourself and this will do you good. (Just don’t make it a habit.)

#8 Befriend your kitchen for a day

Cooking is therapeutic. Ask the experts. Find a couple of recipes online and play the chef in your kitchen at the sound of nice music. Your family will thank you and also will your well-being as you will immerse in the art of cooking.

Take note, a good cook cleans after himself/herself.

#9 Knit your stress away

Knitting is becoming a trend again and hey, it’s also therapeutic and not gender-bias! If you haven’t done it before, the first few minutes could be a little challenging, amusingly so, but you will soon immerse in its relaxing movements and enjoy the shaping up of the outcome.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be perfect. It is all about the soothing activity, which can be quite rewarding.

#10 Bike your stress away

Take the bicycle you have or borrow one and enjoy the cool breeze of winter while cycling around your city. This is such a relaxing thing you can do and it’s totally free.

#11 Connect with your loved ones

There is nothing more wonderful than reconnecting with an old friend or calling your grandparents or parents. Our lives now have become so busy with problems and stress, we tend to postpone spending quality time with our loved ones.

Tip: Avoid stressful conversations like politics and Lebanon’s problems. Make it a pleasant communication where you can ask your loved ones about their dreams, some happy childhood stories, the most awkward moment they ever had, and recount the best moments you ever had with them, and so on. These topics always trigger smiles and laughter.

#12 Go strolling in Tripoli

Tripoli is one of the most ancient cities in Lebanon and it’s full of history. It was once the capital of the Phoenicians. It is after all the capital of the north and has countless interesting and fun things you can enjoy.

Take the day from its start and catch a breakfast of Tripolitan specialty, like the Manouch at Al Hallab, then roam the ancient souks, explore the picturesque El-Mina area, and don’t forget the Castle of Saint Gilles. Here are some guides on how to best enjoy Tripoli.

#13 Easy yoga

Tune on to some free yoga classes online and get to acquire some beginner movements if you are not a yoga adept (yet). More often than not, it takes to know 2 or 3 positions to make a huge difference for your state of mind. Enjoy it even more by inviting your sibling or parent to join in.

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13 Free Activities You Can Do In Lebanon To De-stress

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