10 Of The Best Free Beaches in Lebanon You Can Enjoy With Your Friends

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Hello, sunshine! Beach season is finally here and while beaches should be accessible to everyone, some places make you pay an entrance fee.

Don’t you worry, here’s a list of some of the greatest free yet well-maintained beaches in Lebanon where access to the sea is open to everyone:

#1 Tahet El-Rih

Tahet El-Rih in Anfeh, North Lebanon, is famously described as Lebanon’s very own little Greece corner, earning it the name “Anforini”.

Access to the water from Anforini is completely free and you can support locals by ordering food and drinks from any of the shops of Tahet El-Rih. For seating, you can rent lounge chairs from any of the shops. The price may vary from one shop to the other.

#2 Bahsa Beach

Hidden behind a historic Batroun neighborhood, this little cove offers an excellent free beach experience. It is surrounded by small restaurants, cafes, and bars for water, food, drinks, such as the famous Chez Maguy.

#3 Colonel Reef

While Batroun’s Colonel Reef is the microbrewery’s beachside restaurant, the entrance to the beach from here is absolutely free.

Surrounded by good vibes and music, you can enjoy a meal, locally-brewed beer, and the sea. In addition, it’s not unusual to see people windsurfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding here. It might even inspire you to join!

#4 Dany’s

Located in Kfarabida, Dany’s Beach Restaurant offers easy access to the relaxing public beach. The town of Kfarabida just outside of Batroun is touted for its stunning beaches. As for the restaurant itself, it is highly rated for its food, drinks, service, and ambiance.

#5 Martin Pecheur

Located in Thoum, Batroun, Martin Pecheur beach bar offers free entrance to a pebble beach. It’s a fantastic place to grab a drink, have great food, and enjoy the sea.

#6 Pierre & Friends

Accessing the beach from Pierre & Friends, a seafood restaurant and bar in Batroun, is free. It has a rocky shore, the water is clean, and you can enjoy nice music and vibes from the restaurant.

#7 Tyre Public Beach

The public beach in Tyre is one of Lebanon’s largest and cleanest beaches. With a stretch of 3 kilometers of glorious golden sand, this well-maintained public beach is one of the country’s most famous locations that people come from all parts of Lebanon to visit.

#8 Joining Beach

Off the seaside road in Kfarabida, Batroun, you will come across a beach with magnificent caves and the clearest water you’ve ever seen all for free.

#9 Ô-Glacée

During the weekdays, you can access the beach at the beach lounge Ô-Glacée entirely for free. It is located at the Lebanese Yacht Club sailing school center in Batroun.

#10 Byblos Public Beach

The entrance to this beautiful sandy public beach in Byblos is free. The area is kept nice and clean so you can lay out your beach towel or choose to rent chairs and umbrellas for an authentic beach experience.

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