14 Free Beaches In Lebanon Worth Visiting This Summer

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Ah, how we longed for this! A long chilling day by the beach! Nothing can stop the Lebanese from having fun under the sun, not even being on a tight budget.

So, summer is here, and we’re starting planning where to spend an awesome day without spending much. Here are 14 of the best free beaches in Lebanon to include in your plans:

#1 Joining Beach

Seaside Road, Kfarabida, Batroun, Lebanon. Amazing caves and clear water… Who could ask for more? AND it is 100% free! Climb rocks, swim, explore, chill, and have the time of your life at Joining Beach.

#2 El-Masbah El-Chaabi

Ramlet El-Baida, Beirut. This public beach is located along the southern end of the Corniche Beirut promenade. This beach is also a popular cruising area in Lebanon.

Enjoy the city landscape and great surroundings. Just keep in mind that this beach can get really crowded really fast, especially on weekends.

#3 Byblos Public Beach

Jbeil, Lebanon. This public beach is located just north of the harbor. The entrance is completely free, and you can rent chairs and umbrellas for only 5,000LL.

#4 Al Bahsa Public Beach

Bahsa, Batroun. This place is also known as “Ma’3ad El-Mir“. It is very popular for locals and is located in the old part of Batroun. This beach has the Lebanese people’s nod of approval.

#5 Tyre Beach

The highway leading to Sidon and Tyre. This beach is one of the best in Lebanon. People from all over go there to have a great day at the beach for free.

All you need to know is that the water is as clear as it could get in Lebanon and the journey there is just as awesome as the destination.

#6 Jiyeh Beach

El-Jiye, Mount Lebanon. This beach offers three natural creeks, a golden sandy beach, and a Lebanese restaurant that serves homemade food.

#7 Nomad Beach Club

Jbeil Seaside Road, Byblos, Lebanon. Nomad Beach Club is a hotel & beach with a free entrance to one of the most beautiful sanded beaches along the Mediterranean side.

This place is located in the tourist center of Byblos. It offers Bungalows with a view and some delicious bites and cocktails.

#8 Tahet El-Rih Beach

Anfeh, Koura. Can’t afford to travel this summer? We have a solution for you! Tahet El-Rih is a free beach in Lebanon, but it’ll make you feel like you’ve traveled all the way to Greece!

White cabins, wooden bridges, balconies, clear water, and a variety of restaurants; this is what summer is all about!


Seaside road, Batroun. Kaptn is a restaurant beautifully located by Batroun’s beach. The entrance is free, and you can enjoy seafood, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine while having an amazing day by the beach.

#10 Martin Pecheur – Isla

Thoum, Batroun. This beach is located steps away from the iconic Pebble beach. It offers tasty food and cocktails, entertainment, and a free entrance to the beach.

#11 Pierre & Friends

Thoum, Batroun, Lebanon. This place offers a SeaFood restaurant, a pub, a beach bar, a sailing club, a Water Sports Schools, and smooth beach waves.

It is located on the South shore of Batroun and the entrance to the beach is completely free!

#12 Rabbit Island

El-Mina, Lebanon. Of course, you have to take a boat to reach the island, which will cost you around 5,000LL each way and will take about 30 minutes from Tripoli. But trust us, it is completely worth it!

This place will take you away from reality. You can also rent an umbrella and chairs!

#13 Blue Beachfront Bar

Monsif, Byblos, Lebanon. There’s no entrance fee to this beach, however, there is a minimum spending per person which is 15,000LL on weekdays and 30,000LL on the weekends.

You can swim, eat, tan, and drink at Blue Beachfront Bar. There’s also a DJ on the weekends, so no, it can’t get any better.

#14 Barracuda Beach

Seaside Road, Batroun. This is one of Batroun’s most loved Beach, Bar, and Restaurant; mainly because there’s no entrance fee. The sandy beach, the warm atmosphere, and the DJ playing on weekends will take your breath away!

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