There Is A Free Art Exhibition In Lebanon Showcasing Beirut From The 1960s To-Date


The “Allo, Beirut?” is an immersive and interactive exhibition taking place in the Beit Beirut Museum, located in the Barakat Building, on the former Green Line that divided Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War.

The exhibition presents 10 artists, 7 journalists and researchers, 6 collectors, 9 creatives, and 20 team members, who feature immersive art showcasing Beirut’s past from the 1960s until today.

Led by Lebanese activists, “Allo, Beirut?” is designed to target the public by representing an important step in dealing with social changes, arts, investigative journalism, justice, education, and more issues to build a brighter future.

The “Allo, Beirut?” exhibition features Rawan Nassif, Lili Abi Chahine, Rola Abu Darwish, Rana Abbout, Joan Baz, Wael Kodeih, Chrystele Khodr, Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi, Kabrit, and Petra Serhal.

The exhibition is free of charge and will last until December 2022, but the organizers hope for it to last until June of next year.

“Allo, Beirut?” opens from Wednesday to Sunday, from noon until 8:00 pm.