8 Free Beaches In Lebanon To Soak In The Sun With Your Beach Bum Friends

The summer heat has kicked in, and I bet you’re itching to dip your toes in the surf, lounge under the sun with your pals, and score that perfect golden tan.

But hold on, the burning question is: where can you find such a beach without emptying your pockets?

Well, worry no more! We’ve put together an exciting roundup of free beaches scattered across the breathtaking landscapes of Lebanon.

Your only mission now is to pack some scrumptious bites, quenching beverages, and rope in your favorite crew.

Enjoy a day of sun-soaked fun without reaching for your wallet – sounds like the perfect summer escape, doesn’t it?

Bahsa Batroun

Say hello to a beach experience that not only preserves your budget, but also serves up a visually stunning backdrop. And here’s a bonus: no more wriggling toes in wet sand, thanks to the distinctive rocky terrain.

The Bahsa beach, a jewel of Batroun, is a bustling hub of energy steeped in history. No room for monotony here; the lively atmosphere ensures a vibrant day out. This beach’s pulsating rhythm coupled with its remarkable past makes it a must-visit hotspot.

Ramlet El Bayda Beach

Nestled in the heart of Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda Beach offers an unbeatable urban oasis where you can soak up the sun completely free of charge!

Working in the vicinity? Even better! This beach provides a splendid opportunity for a rejuvenating midday dip. Just imagine taking a break from your busy schedule to immerse yourself in the cool, refreshing waters. Now, that’s what we call a workday win!

Safra Public Beach

Craving a fun-filled trip with family or friends? This rocky beach is an absolute bucket-list must! Load up on your favorite snacks and head out for an unforgettable day.

But wait, there’s more! As the day winds down, prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring sunset. Witness the sky painting a breathtaking tableau of colors, creating the perfect ending to your beach escapade. So gather your crew, grab some munchies, and come experience a sunset like no other.

Jbeil Public Beach

Set within the charmingly historic city of Jbeil, one of Lebanon’s sparkling gems, Jbeil Public Beach is more than just a beach; it’s a retreat for you, your friends, and even your four-legged pals!

This pristine beach isn’t just about basking in the sun; it’s a canvas for your perfect day out. Lay out a picnic spread with friends, feel the thrill of riding the surf, or relish the mesmerizing sunset hand-in-hand with your significant other. It’s an all-inclusive hotspot that caters to every mood and moment.

Okaibe Public Beach

Sitting along Jbeil’s picturesque coastline, this beach is a real beauty. It’s the perfect spot to while away a lazy day with your favorite folks, or even venture on a solo expedition.

Fancy a fishing trip? This is your place! Cast a line and embrace the tranquillity of a solo adventure, or engage in friendly banter with fellow beachgoers. Whether you’re planning a social gathering or seeking solitude, this Jbeil beach is your versatile seaside haven.

Tyre Public Beach

Uncover the spellbinding allure of Lebanon’s southern coastline at Tyre Public Beach. Here, the warm, golden sand is your welcoming canvas, inviting you to plunge your toes into its soothing embrace.

But the beauty of this spot doesn’t end at the shoreline. As day turns into evening, be prepared for an awe-inspiring spectacle: a sunset that will steal your breath away.

Tyre beach is also welcoming to all.

Watch as the sky is bathed in hues of fiery orange and soft pink, casting an enchanting glow over the shimmering waters. Tyre Public Beach is more than just a destination—it’s an experience that imprints itself on your heart.

Rabbit Island

Are you drawn to the north’s rugged charm? Then make a beeline for Rabbit Island – an absolute must on your itinerary! Ignite your inner explorer, hop on a boat from Tripoli, and embark on an adventure to uncover the island’s breathtaking beauty.

And here’s a treat for history buffs: Rabbit Island has a tale to tell. This iconic landmark, rich with intriguing backstory, is a treasure trove waiting to be unearthed.

So whether you’re a nature lover or a history enthusiast, Rabbit Island offers a captivating journey that’s sure to feed your curiosity. Venture north and let the enchanting saga of Rabbit Island unfold!

Chekka Public Beach

Hunting for a serene shoreline to unwind with your buddies? Look no further than Chekka Public Beach. Imagine this: harmonious melodies wafting through the air, delectable food at your fingertips, and a resplendent sunset painting the horizon in vivid hues. That’s what we call the recipe for an irresistible afternoon!

Chekka Public Beach is the perfect setting to slow down, soak in the surroundings, and savor shared moments. After all, what’s better than good company, tantalizing food, soothing music, and a sunset that takes your breath away?

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