Freezing Lebanon’s Looted Funds with the Help of the European Parliament

Freezing looted funds is a huge win for the Lebanese revolution. It is a way to deprive criminals of the illegally acquired assets, and combat organized crime. This process stops the money from being laundered or reinvested in business and activities. 


Via @EU_Commission

Members of the European Union (EU) are convening on November 14th in the European Parliament Center in Brussels from 9:00 to 11:00 PM.  This symposium will include MPS from different European countries and political parties as well as Lebanese jurists and journalists.

The purpose of the symposium will be to discuss Lebanon’s security, politics, and economic situation, in an attempt to provide reform proposals and practical solutions to the situation in Lebanon.


Discussions will also include the process of prosecution of Lebanese politicians who used their positions for personal purposes and contributed to the waste of public funds. These public funds were seized and transferred into their names or on behalf of family members and associates outside of Lebanon. The symposium aims to freeze the suspicious accounts in which looted money were deposited from Lebanon. 

This initiative was taken by Omar Harfoush, a Lebanese businessman with close coordination with the European Parliament, in order to conduct necessary contracts and research aimed at freezing these funds to achieve this goal. 



The European Parliament agreed to give the Lebanese people a chance to express their grief from the status quo during the meeting.  In order to achieve these demands and obtain the approval of the European Parliament to assist with our goals, all Lebanese must sign the petition on, which is ongoing until the day of the seminar. 

If the EU decides to take appropriate measures to deal with these looted funds, the revolution would have accomplished one of its principal demands. the process of returning these funds will follow soon after. 

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