22 French Pastry Shops In Beirut That Are Totally Worth Your Visit

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Lebanese Chefs have long gained an international reputation for excelling in pastry making, including French pastry and not only Lebanese desserts.

The Lebanese people do have an affinity for French desserts of all types and flavors. That is notable at every event and occasion and the countless French pastry shops across the country.

In and around Beirut, for instance, it’s impossible not to notice all the attractive French pastry shops. In every corner, there is at least one ready to pull you in and… make you forget that you are dieting.

Here are some of these delightful sweet places that are totally worth your visit:

#1 Sea Sweet (Hazmieh & Furn El-Chebbak)

A crowd favorite on the Zouk Mosbeh highway, this very popular dessert shop has been a regular destination for many for decades.

Offering a large variety of French pastries and also Lebanese desserts, it has long expanded to 10 various locations across Lebanon, including Furn El-Chebbak and Hazmieh in Beirut.

#2 Oslo – Made In Heaven (Mar Mikhael & Koreitem)

Oslo pastry and ice cream parlor in Mar Mikhael and Koreitem has some signature items such as the Rosewater sorbet frozen cake covered with rose petals and their angel food cakes and pound cakes.

It also severs a variety of ice cream with exotic flavors like Stracciatella, Sahlab Loukoum, and Rum Raisin.

#3 La Cigale (Hamra)

A long-established pastry parlor and refined restaurant, La Cigale has been a pioneer in making mouthwatering delicacies. In addition to its well-known location in Zalka, La Cigale can be also found in Hamra.

#4 Pâte à Choux (Various locations)

Established in 1956, this traditional French pastry shop has gained quite a popularity for its desserts and viennoiseries. Known as a leading sweet artisan in Lebanon, Pâte à Choux can be found in Sodeco (Ashrafieh), Hazmieh, and Verdun.

#5 Des Choux et Des Idées (Ashrafieh)

If you’re craving unique fine pastries made with passion by an AUB Engineer graduate turned professional Pastry Chef in Paris and trained at Hotel Four Seasons Georges V, then you must visit Des Choux et Des Idées in Ashrafieh.

Samer Kobeissi doesn’t just make desserts in his friendly parlor, he pours his talents and passion into every piece he creates, like the heavenly Religieuse Caramel Beurre Salé or the Lipstick Cerise, which is a pâte sablé with almond creme, and kirsch. Worth the visit? Absolutely!

#6 La Goulée (Ashrafieh & Hazmieh)

This sought-after dessert shop in Beirut takes pride in regularly experimenting with new recipes, combining flavors, aromas, textures, and even colors to produce fresh succulent desserts that are low in sugar. It even serves desserts and ice cream for people with diabetes.

La Goulee has branches in Achrafieh and Hazmieh, and could be also found in Zalka.

#7 Noura (Various locations)

A pioneer in fine pastry since 1948, this Lebanese iconic artisan in premium pastry, chocolates, and even catering, has been a must-destination for lovers of fine pastries, most particularly since the 1980s. It has been featured in various world publications, such as Le Figaro and the Herald Tribune.

Noura can be found in Sioufi, Sassine (Ashrafieh), and Downtown Beirut. as well as in Zalka.

#8 La Mie Dorée (Ashrafieh & Verdun)

A favorite of many, La Mie Dorée was originally a bakery that has evolved through the past 35 years into a fine pastry shop and tea room and even is providing now event design and catering service.

To try their delicacies, head to any of their branches in Beirut: Sassine in Ashrafieh, the ABC Mall in Verdun, and the ABC Mall in Ashrafieh.

#9 Paul (Various locations)

A very popular bakery, restaurant, and café, Paul, which is a brand of La Mie Doree, goes far and beyond to satisfy its regulars, with the finest sweets and pastries, as well as delicious meals.

Paul can be found in various locations in Beirut: Gemmayzeh, Downtown (Foch Str), Zaytouna Bay, Ras Beirut, ABC Ashrafieh, ABC Verdun, and Hazmieh. It also has a branch in Ghazir.

#10 Curli-Q (Ashrafieh)

If you’ve ever wondered what a red velvet roll tastes like, then you must try the one at Curli-Q. This Ashrafieh pastry shop also has gluten-free viennoiseries to savor. A must-try: the Clémentine Pavlova!

#11 Cannelle Patisserie (Verdun & Tabaris)

Located in Verdun and Tabaris, Cannelle offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and tasty pastries as well as their own chocolate products and ice-cream variety.

Canelle has also a branch in Kfardebian-Faraya.

#12 NEO Gourment (Ashrafieh)

Nestled in Ashrafieh Street, this avant-garde gourmet parlor has enchanting delicacies and creative confections, both sweet and savory, that are worth more than just one visit.

From cakes like Fraisier and Paris Brest, to Viennoiseries and chocolate delights like Mendiants, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied.

While there, you might want to give a try to one of their gourmet quiches.

#13 Gustav Innovation Sucrée (Hamra)

Located in Hamra, Gustav Innovation Sucrée has quite a large selection of succulent products – notably Blue Velvet Cake among their other artsy pastries.

This cozy sweet parlor is a unique experience in itself, said to be inspired by nature, and the aromas and flavors of multiple places around the world.

It even serves some vegan desserts, like the Vegan Cinnamon & Ginger cake and the Cinnamon & Ginger cake, (egg-free and no dairy), and some gluten-free, sugar-free chocolate cake.

#14 Fleuron Gastronome (Various locations)

Fleurone specializes in gourmet food, catering, and fine pastry, carrying the legacy of excellence from its founders, the long-reputable Fadel restaurants.

Their Beirut’s pastry boutiques could be found in Hadath and Hazmieh. It also has branches in Brummana and Haret Sakher.

If you’re a fan of strawberries then you must try their famous Strawberry White Cake.

#15 Chocolatine (Koraytem)

Chocolatine by Rana Arayssi takes special pride in creating quality French cakes, tarts, and macarons, as well as croissants, with the finest ingredients.

This dessert parlor also offers Lebanese desserts in a creative way, harmonizing flavors and textures to create unique delights, like the Pistachio cake with Karabij, and the Sahlab ice cream with Ghazel El-Banet.

#16 Emotions Patissier & Glacier (Ashrafieh)

This artisan of sweet delights prides itself in carefully sourcing ingredients among the finest to offer its clients “a sensory journey” with its delicious pastries, hence its name Emotions.

From French pastries, viennoiseries, and ice cream, you can get to select from their tempting variety in their Beirut location in Ashrafieh, but also in Naccache.

#17 Cremino Patisserie (Various locations)

Located in Hadath, Sanayeh, and on the Old Highway of Beirut Airport, Cremino has also a branch in Tyre, and has been a crowd favorite for years for its pastries and creative ice-creams.

A most recent added pastry to their menu is the double cream and strawberry sauce eclair that calls for sweet lovers.

#18 L’Abeille D’Or (Ashrafieh)

L’Abeille d’Or serves both French and Lebanese desserts. From petit-fours, tarts, and cakes, to Maamoul, Halewet el-Jibn, and even Knefe with chocolate, and some creatively served ice cream.

#19 BarTartine (Various locations)

With multiple places in Beirut and beyond, BarTartine is actually a restaurant of creative delicious meals that is also renowned for its freshly baked bread and artisanal pastries.

You can find BarTartine in Ashrafieh, Mar Mikhael, Downtown Beirut, ABC Ashrafieh, Verdun, and Hazmieh. as well as in Dbayeh.

#20 Le Flocon Artisan Glacier (Ashrafieh)

An artisanal dessert and ice cream parlor in Ashrafieh, with a branch in Naccache, Le Flocon has been serving some unique French and Lebanese desserts that could leave you wanting more.

Passion for creating innovative desserts seems to reign in the place, like the chef’s must-try Ismaliyeh bil Ashta Glacée:

#21 Pain D’Or (Various locations)

A crowd favorite, Pain D’Or has been very popular across Lebanon for decades with its large variety of French pastries and bread, as well as chocolate and ice cream.

In more recent years, they have been offering fresh salads and daily meals, as well as catering services for events.

In and around Beirut, Pain D’Or can be found in Achrafieh, Furn El-Chebbak, Hazmieh, Khaldeh, Mazraa, Ramlet El-Baida, and further in Baabda. That’s in addition to their other branches outside Beirut.

#22 Vanille Patisserie (Ashrafieh)

Another expert in flavorful artisanal desserts is Vanille in Ashrafieh that also serves natural sorbets and ice cream, and some signature pastries like the Tarte Libanaise.

If you crave both a French pastry and an ice cream and find yourself wondering there which to choose, try the Crème Brulée Glacée!

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