Friends Of Beirut Blast Victim Just Sent A Letter To President Macron


Friends of Beirut blast victim Elias El Khoury, who was killed in the horrific incident, staged a sit-in in front of the French embassy in Beirut to be able to deliver a letter to President Emmanuel Macron via the Ambassador of France to Lebanon.

Their letter pleads for President Macron to push for justice and accountability for those responsible for the Beirut Port Explosion, as it has been over a year and a half without accountability.

Elias El Khoury is one of the youngest Beirut Blast victims, a student who was only 15-year-old. He suffered from severe injuries and died two weeks later.

His friends have previously opened an Instagram page in his memory and even endeavored to have Anghami release his songs, a dream of his that was cut short along with his life.

His family, friends, and classmates have been protesting for justice ever since.

The grief of the Lebanese people losing their loved ones has long evolved into anger and frustration, fueling their pain and keeping their wounds wide open. Over 18 months later, they still have no closure and no justice.

The unspeakable crime of August 4th, 2020 has not ended that day. More “crimes” are added to it by those endeavoring to stop the investigation. That cruelty on the families and friends has been excrutiating.

If stalling justice for the people to eventually forget and yield is the ultimate aim, that will never happen. The nation doesn’t intend to forget nor forgive, and that is strikingly evident in the many protests for justice that continue to date.

Just yesterday, on Thursday, families of the victims conducted yet another protest, demanding an effective investigation.

They threatened to escalate their movements in the street if those in charge will continue to allow deliberate obstruction and delay of the investigation. They eventually broke into the Justice Palace.

These protests by the families, friends, and activists have been ongoing since August 8th, 2020, a day in which the people unleashed their anger at the negligence of the ruling body, after 4 days of mourning.

They were met with violence and oppression by the military ordered to squash their protest.

The Beirut Blast was historically catastrophic at all levels. Hundreds were killed, thousands were injured, some of whom have been maimed for life, and the destruction was massive in the capital.

That is to add to what resulted of severe mental illness, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder many are currently suffering from in Lebanon.

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